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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Present for Mum

A sweet nine year-old girl wrote :

Dear Daddy and Mummy,

Mother's Day is coming very soon.  Looks like I am not the only one who busy preparing flowers or cards.

A nearby shop sells flowers and many students came to buy it.  They were flowers tied in bunches and flowers wraped in lovely papers, and also just a flower itself.  There are also many lovely stickers and teddybear.

As for students who want to make cards, they can make them in computer class.  Teacher wants us to design our card in the computer and he will help us to print out.  Teacher will also choose the most creative and beautiful card that designed by us and hang it on the wall.  For those cards were not chosen by teacher, students will bring it back as a gift to their mother.

Sister bought a flower with beautiful love shape in red color for mum.  I suggest her to keep it a secret until Mother's Day, but she just can't wait, so she gave it to mother last week.

Lastly, can you guess what I made for mother ?  Can't tell you ! You will have to wait until Mother's Day ...

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